Sound Control Doors, Windows, Enclosures, Barriers, Exam Rooms

Providing the Sound of Silence

Noise Barriers, LLC (NBL) was formed by a group of highly motivated and experienced individuals with the desire to provide a vast array of noise control products and services. Products and services that today's market place is demanding. We realize that NBL is a relatively new name in the noise control market place. However, along with that new name comes decades of experience in the noise control industry, as well as a modern, precision fabrication methodology. Combined, our team brings nearly 100 years of experience in both product development and noise control solutions.

The NBL product family currently includes: architectural doors; industrial doors; windows; barrier systems; absorption panels; complete enclosure systems, and; specialty products. These products will meet the highest quality standards. Better still, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to handle custom projects with the same ease as standard products.

Our goal is to be in the forefront of the market bringing innovative products and solutions, while also being flexible to create new designs and satisfy individual customer requirements. To that end, our clients will receive a very personal level of customer service.



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